Make Noise Not The art


Recycling plastic bag, recycling plastic HDPE, Arduino, sound sensor, Djembe, LED strip


The park is an attractive place for its citizens, where the park can be a gathering space for hanging out, playing, and so on. Ker Thiossane invited several artists to respond to a social shelter in the Sicap Liberte 2 area, Dakar. Sicap is a residential area for residents who built independence after Senegal in 1960. In one corner of Sicap there is a vertical housing and in that area there is a garden which was built by an artist in the last decade. The garden is one that several artists involved in this art project have responded to. I tried to respond by making the park a play function for anyone, responding to an existing existing form, namely a water source, by making interactive installations that make gadung from a jimbe. The sound from the jimbe sends a signal to the microprocessor hardware, then it is sent to the WS2812B LED strip light which is placed

in a hexagonal box. I covered the hexagonal box with a recycle plastic bag which I processed by ironing it.

At the event held by Ker Thiossane on December 2, 2022, local children enjoy playing it by hitting the existing jimbe and changing its shape. Seeing the responses made by the children made me reflect that what I made was read by children and responded to as an interesting form of play in the context of the park. Will this

happen if this work is placed in a white cube room? and read by children like what happened in the park?

Free The Kids!!!