If you obey all the rules you miss all the Bibitulit


Plastik PLA, Arduino, servo,piezo


How power systems make people obedient and submissive to authority figures, even when their statements or actions may not necessarily be true or beneficial. For instance, public figures who are highly regarded due to their thoughts, behavior, or fame can make statements that their followers automatically agree with, regardless of their validity. This can lead to blind defense of these figures or groups, even when they hold opposing views.

This artwork that showcases an interesting phenomenon, where objects bow when another object passes by them. The artwork aims to express how these objects seem to agree, obey, and submit to the object that sparked the work. The visitor is meant to experience the sensation of being a figure who is obeyed by the seedlings in the artwork. This artwork reflects on the wider phenomenon of how people tend to submit to power and authority, even if they do not necessarily agree with the beliefs or actions of those in power.