Single Channels

Jalan Jongkok

This Artwork was exhibitioned in Indonesia Art Award 2013 @ National Gallery Indonesia, Oktober 2013

Internet is a medium that is popular and reliable information today, many human beings who could do with the Internet. With the internet enable people to do anything like plowing, how to facilitate wide dissemination of piracy. Man with bebes entering and removing something on the internet, and it all seemed to legal and consumed at any time.

Seniman Goblok

Ulat Bulu Performance Art

Perfomance art Ulat Bulu di Galeri Nasional Indonesia 5 Oktober 2012, dalam rangka Jakarta 32c dengan Muchlis Fachri

Dirikan Kemenangan

This work is a description of how peaceful a ritual. dozens of people come up with the first goal, the first command and the first language, with purify his people - people say a prayer and hope sincerely for God, with different backgrounds, we release all our worldly attributes, because the God we are all equal before Him. This work shows what religion teaches us (Muslims), what is the religion of Islam, what do we do when doing a ritual, I want to show that Islam is not taught violence, not in teaching something radical such as war and terrorism, for the victory is not victory during the war but for the prayer is one way to set up the victory, the negative stigma about the Muslim community is not a radical community, the Muslim community is a community that is harmonious and loving fellow human beings. This video was taken in one of the villages in Karawang, Indonesia, during a Friday prayers, prayers that must be performed by a male - male Muslim.



In our daily life, humans must have been laughing caused by something funny. Even keeping in mind the funny events that we have ever experienced any human bias laughed to himself. Now we can laugh with a variety of reasons either because something ironic or something funny though. On this video I just makes us aware that laughter is something that needs to be on the sidelines of our activities, for whatever reason, like what one of my friends called M Haryo Hutomo. Then laugh!

Kisah Bebek Kuning

Seekor bebek yang hilang dari ibu dan saudaranya, lalu ada kawanan bersenjata yang ingin membunuhnya, namun sederet jagoan datang untuk menyelamatkannya, akan kah dia selamat??? saksikan saja