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Moch Hasrul an artist who works and lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. Get a bachelor of education (B.Ed) from the department of art education at the State University of Jakarta and a Master of Fine Art (M.FA) from the magister program visual arts at the Bandung Institute of Technology. Working as a media art artist and director at Serrum (an organization with a focus on education and fine arts), now teaches as a graphic design lecturer at a university in Jakarta & Tangerang.

Hasrul works with the idea of ​​​​the relationship between technology and humans, in which social, cultural, and political phenomena emerge. This phenomenon sparked me to explore more deeply the object of technology and its relationship with humans, searching from various aspects such as historical aspects to environmental aspects and it is undeniable that the objects of technology have contexts according to their respective regions and users. With tinkering as part of Hasrul's digging, tinkering is also a process of extracting knowledge and interpreting the discourse on the relationship between humans and their technology. Hasrul's work includes computing technology, mechanical systems, sensors, simple technology to engineering plastic waste processing on a simple scale.

The Digging is articulated with an artistic approach, with a tendency to interactive art installations through interactive sensors through sensors, using sensors as a trigger for interactivity in his work. For Hasrul, direct interaction with works of art is needed to produce an aura in works of art and this aura facilitates information to the public. Hasrul also uses motion, sound, light, mechanism, interactivity, and space as elements in the presentation of his artwork.

Art as alternative learning for Hasrul in exploring knowledge. In which there are intersections with other disciplines and can be explored through various aspects, namely social, historical, scientific, cultural, and political aspects in society. And technology bridges those values. Science is a way out of the problems that occur. But for Hasrul, art can be questioned as another value of science that can distribute knowledge more dynamically.


Solo Exhibition

Group Exhibition


Jakarta 32 c @ National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta. Indonesia


“Indonesia and the World 1959-1969 Critical Decade”@ Goethe Institute Jakarta. Indonesia

“Remind” Video art exhibition @ KontraS’s Gallery, Jakarta. Indonesia


Hybrid Project “Little Box”, Bentara Budaya Jakarta. Indonesia

2 City 4 Institutions “Ps Senen-Lempuyangan”, 7 Bintang Art space, Yogyakarta. Indonesia

Exhibition of ACT’s @ Bentara Budaya Jakarta. Indonesiac

Black September @ KontraS’s Gallery, Jakarta. Indonesia.

“Membaca Bumi” @ Walhi’s Gallery, Jakarta. Indonesia


“Animal Instinct” @ Cipta 3’s Gallery, TIM, Jakarta. Indonesia

“Objects intervening Usability @ Asbestos Art Space, Bandung. Indonesia

“Smart City The Next Generation” @ Aedes Am Prefferberg, Berlin. Germany

“Festival OK.Video 6 MUSLIHAT” @ National Gallery of Indonesia. Jakarta. Indonesia

Indonesian Art Award 2013 "POST MEDIUM" @ National Gallery of Indonesia

“PELICIN” Satellite Program Jakarta Biennale 2013 @ Salihara Gallery, Jakarta. Indonesia


“Suitcase PROJECT” @ University for the Creative Art, Canterbury. England

Exhibition Kerabat @ Gallery Serrum, Jakarta. Indonesia

“kurikuLAB” @ Galeri Cipta 2, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta. Indonesia


Project “Tebet di Balik Tebet” @ Halte Park Tebet, Jakarta. Indonesia

Exhibition “Untaian Sotis” @ Gallery Oko Mama, Cultural Park NTT, Kupang, Indonesia.

Open Lab Residency” Nature & Technology” RRRECT Fest In The Valley 2015 @ Rumamera,
Tanakita Camping Ground. Sukabumi. Indonesia


“May Contain Critisicm” @ Titik Temu Space, Bandung. Indonesia


“Emang Jadi Omongan” @ Gallery Hidayat, Bandung. Indonesia

“Emang Jadi Pilihan” @ Lawangwangi Creative Space, Bandung. Indonesia


"Soemardja Sound Art Project" @ Soemardja's Gallery, Bandung. Indonesia

“XSPACE” @ Foundry 8 SCBD, Jakarta. Indonesia

"ART Unlimited", Art Jakarta @ Ballroom Pasific Place, Jakarta, Indonesia.

"It's A Match" @ Parlor, Bandung, Indonesia.

“KOTA.EDU” Project @ Auditorium Gudskul, Jakarta.

"INSTRUMENTA : Sandbox" @ National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.

"Jauh Tak Antara" @ NuArta Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia.

“XYZ ArtUnlimited”, PGN’s Building, Bandung, Indonesia.


Artidentity 2019 @ Rempoa, Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

Bandung Contemporary Art Award @ Lawangwangi Creative Space, Bandung, Indonesia.


Merespon Lirik Lagu @ RURU Gallery, Jakarta Indonesia

“Land, Water and Border” Majhi Art Residency, Steentjeskerk, Eindhoven, Netherland

“Kultur Pangan” Artidentity, City Gallery, South Tangerang, Indonesia



Jailbreak : Visual-Audio Perfomance. RURU Gallery, Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Jakarta. Indonesia.

Festival Seni Performa Kaliwungu : Visual-Audio Performance. Mranggen Village. Central Java. Indonesia.

Sering-Sering Syering : Mantra Matra. Rumah Lifepatch. Yogyakarta. Indonesia



Residency RRRECT fest in the valley 2015 “Technology and Nature”

Tanakita Camping Ground, Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia .


Residency Coastal Art Project

Sendang Sikucing Village, Kendal Regency, Central Java, Indonesia


Al-Balad Residency, The Saudi Ministry of Culture, Jeddah. Change to Online Residency.


Majhi Internatinal Art Residency, Steentjeskerk Church, Eindhoven, Netherlands



60 Best in BaCAA #2

Lawangwangi Creative Space, Bandung Indonesia


30 Best in Indonesia Art Awards (Finalist)

National Art Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta Indonesia


30 Best in BaCAA #5

Lawangwangi Creative Space, Bandung Indonesia

10 Best in 32 Art Awards

Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Open Labs

Open Labs : Home Sprint

June 2020 | By Google Arts & Culture Lab, MIT Media Lab

farid rakun, Artist, Ruangrupa, Indonesia
Moch Hasrul, Artist, Serrum Studio, Indonesia
Muhamad Hafiz, Artist, Serrum Studio, Indonesia
Prathima Muniyappa, Research Assistant, Space Enabled group, MIT Media Lab, India
Eyal Perry, Research Assistant, Molecular Machines group, MIT Media Lab, US
Aruna Sankaranarayanan, Research Assistant, Viral Communications group, MIT Media Lab, US

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