(b.1991) Artists live and works in Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia. Graduated from visual art education and got a bachelor degree in education (B.Ed) from Jakarta State University. Continuing study at Bandung Institute of Technology, magister department of fine arts. One member of Serrum is an organization that focuses on education and fine arts.

Selected Group Exhibitions

  1. Exhibition of multimedia Jakarta 32 c @ National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta. Indonesia

  2. Exhibition “Indonesia and the World 1959-1969 Critical Decade” @ Goethe Institute Jakarta. Indonesia

    Exhibition Video “Remind” @ Gallery KontraS, Jakarta. Indonesia

  3. Hybrid Project Exhibition “Little Box” @ Bentara Budaya Jakarta. Indonesia

    Exhibition 2 City 4 Institutions “Ps Senen-Lempuyangan” @ 7 Bintang Art space, Yogyakarta. Indonesia

  1. Exhibition of ACT’s @ Bentara Budaya Jakarta. Indonesia

    Exhibition @ KontraS’s Gallery Black September, Jakarta. Indonesia
    Exhibiton “Membaca Bumi” @ Walhi’s Gallery, Jakarta. Indonesia
    Exhibition Postcards Archipelago UNY @ Kersan Art Studio, Yogyakarta. Indonesia

  2. Exhibiton “Animal Instinct” @ Cipta 3’s Gallery, TIM, Jakarta. Indonesia
    Exhibition “Objects intervening Usability @ Asbestos Art Space, Bandung. Indonesia
    Exhibition “Smart City The Next Generation” @ Aedes Am Prefferberg, Berlin. Germany
    Exhibition “Festival OK.Video 6 MUSLIHAT” @ National Gallery of Indonesia. Jakarta. Indonesia Exhibition “Indonesian Art Award 2013 POST MEDIUM @ National Gallery of Indonesia
    Exhibition “PELICIN” Satellite Program Jakarta Biennale 2013 @ Salihara Gallery, Jakarta. Indonesia

  3. Exhibition “MANIFESTO” Daily Life, with Serrrum @ National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta. Indonesia Exhibition “NEW ICON: POP IN ASIA, with Serrum @ Salihara Gallery, Jakarta. Indonesia
    Exhibition “Suitcase PROJECT” @ University for the Creative Art, Canterbury. England
    Exhibition Kerabat @ Gallery Serrum, Jakarta. Indonesia

    Exhibition “kurikuLAB” @ Galeri Cipta 2, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta. Indonesia

  4. Project “Tebet di Balik Tebet” @ Halte Park Tebet, Jakarta. Indonesia

    Exhibition “Untaian Sotis” @ Gallery Oko Mama, Cultural Park NTT, Kupang,
    Open Lab Residency” Nature & Technology” RRRECT Fest In The Valley 2015 @ Rumamera,
    Tanakita Camping Ground. Sukabumi. Indonesia
    Exhibition “Indonesian Art Award 2015” with Serrum @ National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta. Indonesia

  5. Exhibition “May Contain Critisicm” @ Titik Temu Space, Bandung. Indonesia

  6. Exhibition “Emang Jadi Omongan” @ Gallery Hidayat, Bandung. Indonesia

    Exhibition “Emang Jadi Pilihan” @ Lawangwangi Creative Space, Bandung. Indonesia

  7. Exhibition "Soemardja Sound Art Project" @ Soemardja's Gallery, Bandung. Indonesia