Variable Dimension |  Installation | 2021

This Work was presented in Steentjeskerk. Eindhoven, Netherland.

City Gallery. South Tangerang, Indonesia

One of the successes in human civilization is processing wheat into flour, and flour is one of the basic ingredients of several types of food that we consume to this day. Not only wheat, some flour that comes from various plants from crops, but all of them are processed into flour. There are no territorial boundaries and it is not known for sure who invented the technology for processing it into flour, and until now we still consume flour. This work examines how technology that has existed for a long time in human civilization is still present regardless of territorial, land and water boundaries, and its use can be made to become an electronic circuit that conducts electricity, not a new invention but we can continue to present its uses in alternatives. This work tries to play the processed technology with programming technology.