Variable Dimension |  Installation | 2021

This Work was presented in Steentjeskerk. Eindhoven, Netherland.

City Gallery. South Tangerang, Indonesia

The historical significance of flour and how it has played a crucial role in human civilization for a long time. Flour is used in several types of food that we consume on a daily basis, and it has been processed from various plants and crops. Despite the lack of territorial boundaries, flour is an essential ingredient that has been used by humans for centuries.

The work being discussed explores the concept of technology that has been in existence for a long time and how it can be transformed into a modern form of technology. In this case, the work focuses on turning the concept of flour processing into an electronic circuit that can conduct electricity. Although this is not a new invention, the work aims to present it as an alternative use of the technology.

The work also incorporates programming technology into the concept of flour processing. This creates a unique combination of old and new technology that aims to challenge conventional ideas and present a fresh perspective. Overall, the work explores the idea of transforming traditional concepts into modern forms and highlights the importance of experimentation and innovation in the field of technology.