Video Aing Kumaha Aing

This work has been presented at the Rumamera Tanakita Camping Ground Sukabumi Indonesia on RRRECT FEST in the valley in 2015

On this occasion I attended a residency in Tanakita Camping Ground, Sukabumi. This residency is a series of events RRRECT FFEST In The Valley 2015 by Space Arts. There are several artists from Jakarta and Yogyakarta, among others, Lifepatch and Muhammad Facturofi. Residency curated by Leonhard Bartolumeus and Gelar Soemantri.

In this residency I invite youth in the Pesanggrahan’s village to make video tutorials, video tutorials is intended for their friends. This tutorial video responds places and habits surrounding their village. There are three video tutorials which successfully made.

Tutorial “Dating In Damar love”, this location is a favourite place that is often used young children there for a date or just hanging out. According to their observations of this site is divided into 2 strategic location for a dating site, among others, is the general location and the VIP area. And this tutorial video gives tips and tricks are interesting and ridiculous for courtship there.

On the other is a video tutorial video how to paddle. There is an artificial lake called “Situ Gunung”, that location is one of the tourist destinations. At the lake there are boat rides. But not all young people can paddle there. There needs to be learning how to paddle for a young child with video. On the video the speakers are Mang Dadin.

Furthermore, the other is to make a video tutorial of the root andam bracelet. On this video act out by Mang Abut a bracelet andam craftsmen. This video shows ranging from how to find the root andam, peeling, smoothing and weave.

In the entire course of the work I am documenting via video. And at this time they formed a production team with the name “VIDEO AING KUMAHA AING PRODUCTION”