Variable Dimention |  Installation | 2016

This Work was presented in Titik Temu Space, Exhibition May Contain Criticism 2016

Basically the idea in this work explores the medium of video, how do I bring the video by

directly without intermediaries time. Video essentially produces a moving image is closely

related to the time / duration. With the help of the camera data storage capable of freezing

an event and we can enjoy again and again.

How phenomena that occur in reality in the community? The live broadcast presented as

current events are distributed as consumption information society. One of them through

television, direct presentation of news, sport, an event that we can enjoy now with ease, the

help of the transmitter and receiver in the broadcasting world helped us to enjoy the actual


The underlying thing I plan to make this work. Presenting live broadcast repetitive

and monotonous, we do not even know the existence of such events. We just

presented the television screen only, we enjoy the information and we believe to be

true, although in fact a “war” going on behind him.