Koper Identitas

Artists in collaboration: 

Áine Belton

Moch Hasrul

Documentation in UCA, Catenbury, UK The second informal greeting will take form of an X-ray projection of both artists’ personal items into two different suitcases, with an audio of both artists’ narrating their personal items in English and Indonesian languages. This attempt has also revealed their individual secrecy into the eyes of the spectators. It also has triggered the question on how and through which vision would it be perceived by the spectators? As it will be revealed to public, will then be perceived as Bryson (2011:134) stated: “Vision is socialized, and visual reality can be measured and named, as hallucination misrecognition, or ‘visual disturbance’”?

“…there is a third type of line, stranger still, as though something were carrying us away, through our segments but also across our thresholds, towards an unknown destination, neither pre-existent nor foreseeable.” (Deleuze 2002:67)

Extrinsic Border is the first project of Stella & The yellowSUITCASE, representing Áine Belton (Margate-UK) and Mochammad Hasrul Indrabakti (Jakarta-Indonesia).

Departing from the idea of informal greetings, both artists were exploring two forms of experimental collaborative project: “UnDiscover Margate: performative walk Margate/Jakarta street collage installation” and “Koper Identitas”.



The introduction is an essential part of any encounter, whether it is in-person or virtual. With the advancement of technology, introductions can now be made using various media and platforms, such as social media, video conferencing, or even through a suitcase. A suitcase is typically used for carrying luggage while travelling, but it can also be used as a tool for introduction.

When travelling across borders, border officers use X-ray machines to scan the contents of a traveller's suitcase to identify who they are and if they pose any threat. This process is usually associated with suspicion and curiosity, but it can also be used as an opportunity for self-introduction.

The concept of introducing oneself through personal objects carried in a suitcase is an innovative idea that can be used to represent different aspects of one's identity, such as their cultural background, social status, religion, or citizenship. This idea can lead to a discourse on various issues, such as socio-political topics, culture, and borders.

In the context of an art exhibition, two artists can introduce themselves informally by projecting an X-ray image of their personal items into two different suitcases while narrating their personal items in English and Indonesian languages. This process will reveal their individual secrecy and raise questions about how spectators perceive the visual representation of their personal items.

As Bryson (2011) suggests, vision is socialized, and the visual reality can be interpreted and measured in different ways, such as misrecognition, hallucination, or visual disturbance. Therefore, the introduction of oneself through personal items in a suitcase can create a visual reality that may be perceived differently by different individuals.