Lenggana Pèsèr Koinan

Lenggana Pèsèr Koinan


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A coin is a transactional medium of exchange with a small value. Unfortunately, coins are sometimes regarded as worthless by the public and are therefore often undervalued. However, there are some parties who utilize this as a source of income with various motives.

One example of the use of coins is through fundraising or support for humanity. For example, people collect coins to help cases like Prita who needs financial assistance. In this case, the word "coin" can give the impression of lightness for the community to provide support and also give the impression of resistance to institutions that discriminate.

In addition, in some big cities in Indonesia, there are volunteer traffic controllers commonly referred to as cepek police or pak ogah. They usually operate at intersections and help motorists, especially four-wheelers, to cross the intersection or turn around. Most of them expect to get money in return from motorists in need, and often motorists give them coins in exchange for their services. However, since they expect coins from motorists, they usually prioritize motorists who give them. This sometimes causes traffic congestion.

In addition, there is also the utilization of coin accumulation in established market systems, such as in retail markets like convenience stores or supermarkets. Some products are sold at very small nominal prices, such as Rp. 3,450/100grams. However, when the buyer buys several pieces of the product with a large enough weight, there is a price difference that can be a profit for the supermarket. For example, when a buyer buys 537 grams of apples, the price listed is IDR 18,526. However, the supermarket may round the price to IDR 18,600, resulting in a price difference of IDR 74. If this difference occurs in 100 transactions every day, then the supermarket can get a profit of Rp. 7,400 in one day. If the difference occurs in 20 products, and is assumed to occur for 30 days, then the supermarket can get a profit of Rp. 4,400,000 in one month. This figure is only the result of the price difference, not the profit of the supermarket.

In this work, the artist tries to simulate the motives of coin collecting and compare it with the accumulation of the capital system, which sometimes outsmarts small amounts of money but when accumulated can generate huge profits. This is done to see if these motives can match the patterns that occur in the market system.

Karya ini di pamerkan pada kota.edu yang kuratori oleh Ade Darmawan di Auditorium Gudskul, 3-17 November  2018