The Power Of Bibitulit

The Power Of Bibitulit 

Tong besi, Horn Speakers dan Arduino. 2017

The use of technology in human relations and community life has become increasingly important in recent years, particularly with the widespread adoption of digital technologies. However, it is important to recognize that technology comes in many different forms, and not all forms of technology are digital or high-tech. Speaker horns, for example, are a more traditional form of technology that has been used in communities for many years.

The author of the passage is particularly interested in the way that speaker horns are used to convey political, social, and cultural information in Indonesian communities. They note that the horns are often associated with mosques, but are also used more widely in the community. This suggests that the technology is an important tool for communication and representation in the community.

Furthermore, the author sees the speaker horn as a symbol of strength. This could be because the technology is loud and can be heard from a distance, which gives it a powerful presence in the community. It could also be because the horn is associated with mosques, which are often seen as important symbols of community strength and unity.

Finally, the author suggests that their work offers a deepening of democratization to the audience through interactivity. This could mean that the work invites audience members to engage with the speaker horn technology in some way, perhaps by listening to recordings of horn speeches or participating in community events where the horns are used. By doing so, the audience may gain a greater understanding of the role that the horns play in community life and politics, which could in turn promote greater engagement and participation in these areas.

In summary, the passage highlights the importance of technology in community life, and specifically focuses on the use of speaker horns in Indonesian communities. The author sees the horns as an important tool for communication and representation, and suggests that their work offers a way to deepen understanding and engagement with this technology and its role in shaping community life.


Observe the phenomenon of using horn speakers in the community.

Horn speakers (TOA) as media technology in the Society.

Horn speakers generate suggestions
Suggestion => Control, Exclamation => Power

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  • Computing technology comes in as a hacker of the phenomenon.

  • The present computing technology delivers charm.
  • Art As a Sign
    The objects that are used and constructed become symbols (encoder) as a bid directive

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