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The Power Of Bibitulit

The Power Of Bibitulit
Tong besi, Horn Speakers dan Arduino.

Responding to human relationships with technology and the phenomenon of the overwhelming majority majority society has become the background of this work. Observation of the use of horn speakers in the community as a technology that is close to the community and provides information about the political, social and cultural of the community. Horn Speakers become symbols of power that are processed and represented in this work. This work offers a deepening of democratization to the audience with the interactivity presented.


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I. Background

Modern human civilization produces several advances in various fields, one of them in the field of technology. Technology as a result of the applied science of human owned. Until finally the technology merged into human life before and influenced the economic, social, cultural, health, education and politics that in principle technology is a medium to help human life.
Today, technological developments are growing rapidly. The many innovations in technology created to help human civilization become easier. Starting from the basic needs to the needs at a specific level. digitalization, automation, cyberspace and other networks into "services" technology that humans create for human beings themselves in various fields that affect the culture of man himself.
Of the several technological developments that occur to this day. One of the main motives presented by media art is to reflect the development of technology itself. Such perceptions affect the writer to explore and experiment against technological developments that are present as an artistic form.

II. Concept

The author will use the art as a creative process done to enter and hack the phenomenon that occurs in society. On this occasion, the writer wanted to experiment with media art as medium form, to find the characteristic and characteristic of media art itself, in other words the author tries to recognize the hallmark of media art first.
At the context level, the author tries to look for similarities from previously used technologies, which have become common technologies used in the community (especially in Indonesia) to the 3rd generation technology that appears to adapt existing technologies, or even new technology findings. The author tries to combine the technology. Pasting the latest technology to existing forms of technology, with a particular context. A representation that occurs in the fact that is adapted in a work of art.
The author uses the sound sculpture approach as a form of presentation of processes and ideas. The author uses artificial intelligence as a reaction to technological development of the 3rd generation, with arduino devices. which is applied to a barrel that can be beaten and channel the voice response to some external speakers (TOA). Visitors can interact with this work. Which represents human interactivity with technology.
As a vat form is associated as a container storing liquid objects such as oil, honey and others. On the other hand the barrel represents a loud voice, in some cultures especially in Indonesia, tong is widely used as the main ingredient of bedug technology that adapts or influences the nature of the drum musical instrument, as an early marker of the call for routine worship. Outside speakers are widely used in various sectors of culture, mosques in Indonesia are using many external speakers technology as an extension of the caller's voice to tell the call to pray has arrived. In other fields of external speakers in the military field, outer speakers are also used as markers of command extension to spread throughout the military headquarters.
These forms are not deliberately defined in the form of a particular culture, the author is just trying to menyetuh socio-cultural aspects that exist in Indonesia. Nor does it directly attempt to associate such forms as an association of existing technologies in one aspect. This is to be the second layer in this work.


Observe the phenomenon of using horn speakers in the community.

Horn speakers (TOA) as media technology in the Society.

Horn speakers generate suggestions
Suggestion => Control, Exclamation => Power


  • Computing technology comes in as a hacker of the phenomenon.
  • The present computing technology delivers charm.
  • Art As a Sign
    The objects that are used and constructed become symbols (encoder) as a bid directive