Kisah Si Kakek (THE OLD MAN STORY)
Short Film Animation

The practice of facilitation payments is a practice that is small and is often considered trivial by some people, even some of us still do the practice because of the system that occurs in public services in particular, not many people even know about this practice. The impact of the practice of bribery is very large, the number could reach 2 times higher than the state tax revenue, and it is completely sufficient to finance state spending. Bribery is one of corruption, In an effort to do the eradication of corruption, the role of the community is needed, especially in daily. One is by preventing the practice of bribery. Film is one of the effective medium to convey information about the film even be one of the effective propaganda media, for example, is the propaganda of the government of the new order in propagating the story G30SPKI. The other thing is the propaganda power of the superpower in the films they produce. This is based on the incorporation of two elements, namely sound and moving images. Wrapped with entertainment films are very effective for audience. Process suggesting the creation of works of art, the selected media is a film with animation techniques, which also take into account several factors in the process of work. Some of the factors that underlie the process of work is a factor conceptual, visual and operational. Process undertaken have been through several alternatives become the main indicator in consideration, either visually or content. The election is Considered to reduce the practice of bribery and this movie is able to reduce corruption in Indonesia.