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Tebet Park Shelter, Jakarta

This project is a response to one of the shelters in Tebet-Jakarta, which is located in front of Tebet’s park. Shelter there is rarely used as the ups and downs of passengers. Public transport is free to stop there. Besides, at night the dark shelter conditions, so it is often used by young people dating this project took over the original function of the shelter. I put a static bike DIY, by utilizing the former bicycle. The bicycle became a power source to drive the bicycle dynamo to power the LED light strip circuit. LED strips that form the word HALTE: TAMAN TEBET, which some alphabet is lost and replaced with pacman shapes popular in his time. lamp circuit is placed on the roof of the shelter signpost replace the old shelter. This project is part of Tebet di Balik Tebet Projects, initiated by ruangrupa with Barto as Project Manager. 

Teams : Upit, Oshan, Amak, Arcoy