In The Midst Of Chaos, There Is A Bibibtulit

Sometimes, war created with political objectives and benefits behind it.
- Moch Hasrul



In the midst of chaos, there is also Bibibtulit

300 x 300 x 220 cm (panjang x lebar x tinggi)

Tank Mainan Plastik, Tong Besi, Horn Speakers dan Arduino.


Highlights Indonesia's susceptibility to ethnic, religious, and racial conflicts, which can arise due to a range of factors such as political objectives or exploitation of natural resources. These conflicts can be complex and multifaceted, and the passage suggests that some of them are constructed rather than arising organically.

The artwork presented in the passage depicts the power of war and how it can be destructive. The use of iron drums as a symbol in the artwork suggests that war is often fueled by the beating of war drums, representing propaganda, hate speech, or other forms of incitement. The artwork is intended to provoke reflection on the current state of Indonesian society and inspire hope for a better future.

The artist believes that positive change can only occur if people are aware of the issues and committed to resolving them. The passage encourages readers to be mindful of the destructive consequences of war and to seek peaceful solutions to conflicts. Ultimately, the passage emphasizes that conflict begins where the drums of war are played, suggesting that by avoiding such incitement, people can contribute to a more harmonious and peaceful society.

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