Art Projects


Video Projection to Old Suitcase

Collaboration with Aine Belton
This artwork was Presented in University for the Creative Art, Cantenbury

Introduction begins with telling each other’s identities. Now the introductions can be done anywhere with any media in line with technological developments Although acquainted through a suitcase. Synonymous with travel suitcase, a suitcase that helped us carry our luggage purposes if you want to travel. In this case the suitcase can help us to introduce ourselves. When we are travelling across borders between countries, the border officer who had Examined our luggage with X-rays to know and Recognize who we are, may be the first in the country. They can Recognize us from the items we carry, Uniquely without opening the trunk of what we, with the help of X-ray. X-rays Also give the impression of suspicion and curiosity about something.
Seeing the possibility of the above, I saw opportunity to introduce myself through my suitcase, with as if carrying personal items that represent me. Reviews These objects would represent who I am, where I Came from, the social, cultural, religious, regional issues to citizenship. Development through personal objects such discourse would develop very broad, ranging from socio-political issues, culture, social status, the issue of borders, legitimacy, bureaucracy and many other things.

The second informal greeting will take form of an X-ray projection of both artists’ personal items into two different suitcases, with an audio of both artists’ narrating their personal items in English and Indonesian languages.

This attempt has also revealed their individual secrecy into the eyes of the spectators. It also has triggered the question on how and through which vision would it be perceived by the spectators? As it will be revealed to public, will then be perceived as Bryson (2011:134) stated: “Vision is socialized, and visual reality can be measured and named, as hallucination misrecognition, or ‘visual disturbance’”?